mánudagur, september 07, 2009

Language announcement: すみません。日本語わかりません。

To clarify a misconception that seems to have risen in the comments on this blog: I do not speak Japanese or any other Asian language for that matter, I'm sorry to say. If you want to comment here, I would prefer if you could do it either in Icelandic or English, since I would like to understand the worlds, and would believe that a blog commentor would have it in mind that the host could read the comment. If you are a non-Icelandic/English speaker je parle un petit francais, ich spreche etwas deutsch, jag prätar svenska, jeg taler dansk, jeg tala norsk, dico latinam og ég get skilið føroyska.
Merci, danke, tak, tak, tak, gratias vobis ago.

That being said, according to a free internet-translator the comments thus far have been as follows:

"The man with the amateur host of the leading part, just healing the body of the woman can receive large amount reward.The frustration human wife and the man the woman who does not have the coming out meeting seeks the man with this site and others the [tsu] plain gauze is.The one which has interest please from the TOP page"


"For the woman it doesn't try doing the business trip delivery host with the manners sight? It is large amount part-time job of hourly wage 20,000 Yen.After doing no charge register, because it just waits for the call from the woman, also the trial register is welcome.Interest the one which leaned now immediately please."

I'm still not quite sure I understand this... :P

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